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Main Outstanding Achievement
CSPC Nanhai Petrochemical Project
Nanhai LDPE & HDPE / PP Project
BP Zhuhai PTA #1 & PTA #2 Project
xinjiang Dushanzi 1000 KTA Ethylene Project
CNOOC Fujian LNG Terminal & Trunkline Project
CNOOC Huizhou 12,000 KTA Refinery Project
Fujian Petrochemical Refining and Ethylene Project
Qingdao Refinery Project
CPECC Sudan Khartoum Refinery Expansion Project
CPECC Sudan South Oil Field Project
GBEIBE Oil Field Surface Facilities Expansion Phase-Ⅰ EPC-Ⅰ
SEI Shanghai SECCO ethylene Project, Yanan Oil Refinery Project, Chuanwei Project, Maoming Petrochemical Project, Qilu Petrochemical Project
Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Project
BASF Integrated ISO-Cyanates Project
BASF Polyisocyanate Project
Lanzhou Petrochemical ethylene Expansion Project
YARACO Acetic Acid Expansion Project
LG Bohai VCM/EDC Project
Pakistan ICI Project
U.N. Oil for Food Program for Irak
Xinjiang Zepu Petrochemical Fertilizer Project
Zhangjiagang Sitailong Petrochemical Project
Zhangjiagang PS Project
Indonesia Power Plant Project
BAYER Polyisocyanates Project Caojing
DSM Nanjing Revamp 2005 Project
Nationalization of fasteners for grab
Nuclear Island & Nuclear Suspending Equipment of Phase Ⅰand Phase Ⅱ for Qinshan Nuclear Station
LNG Low-temperature Fasteners
Wind Turbine Project
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